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What is the benefit of using ApartmentHub Vs regular Online Travel Agents?

Unlike travel agents for whom booking you a room, an apartment or a guesthouse is pretty similar, we are focussed on the apartment’s space. We understand that details like space, kitchen facility, dining room, housekeeping, facility safety, amenities are important to you as you are choosing an apartment versus just a room to stay in. We work with the best companies to identify service and furnished apartments for you.

How do you choose properties that you work with?

As we have been in the service apartment space for several years, we are able to identify good companies from the ordinary ones. We look at several factors that help us choose our partners

  • Number of years of experience, number of apartments operated
  • Online reviews and reputation
  • On site inspection of facilities and apartments
After a booking, what is the support I can expect from ApartmentHub?

ApartmentHub will be with you every step of the way till you are comfortable with your accommodation.

  • Not only do we negotiate rates for you, we also have a relationship manager who you can reach out to for any issues.
  • We have an email / hotline service which you can reach us at 24/7.
  • For our long term guests, we send a complimentary airport pickup.
  • We also coordinate with freight forwarding and logistics providers in case you have a lot of luggage to accommodate.
  • We have tied up with large warehouses for safe keeping of your household items – all at very nominal rates.
We have tied up with large warehouses for safe keeping of your household items – all at very nominal rates.

We take wrong information, mis-quoting very seriously. We choose not to work with partners who do not provide consistent service. We have a system of online reviews and take them very seriously. If you believe that the apartment is different from the one shown in the photos, we will shift you to another property – all at no cost to you!

How do I negotiate better rates for my long term stay?

We have a large database of long term rates from all our providers and are able to make decisions from them. We have internal systems to assess “fair” monthly tariff of all configurations (Studio, 1 BHK, 2 BHK, 3 BHK) by locality and amenities. Hence, we would request you to let us negotiate the rates on your behalf – as we are always on your side. We do not believe that you should ever pay more than you have to for any accommodation through us – and that’s our promise.

Why do some of your properties have the “ApartmentHub” verified logo, while others don’t?

As we do not have coverage of all cities in India, we are in the process of building our database. We have listed some of the apartments from secondary sources and are in the process of verifying their credentials. All listings that we have personally verified have the “ApartmentHub Verified” logo. That does not mean that the ones without the logo are not genuine – it’s just that we haven’t personally verified them yet!

How do I use the “Trial Stay” option? Do all your properties have “Trial Stay” option?

Properties that are participating in the “Trial Stay” programme will have the section enabled. Please feel free to reach out if you would like to stay under the “Trial Stay” plan.

How do I use the tools on your website to find the ideal place for me?
  • Compare Now – We feel that using our online tools would give you great value and save you time in selecting the right apartment for you. Our “Compare Now” feature is unique and will save you a lot of time. So whether you want an apartment with a full kitchen, with a balcony or one that can accommodate 6 people, the compare now tool makes it very easy for you
  • Property Map – We have an intelligent map system that will show you all the amenities close to the apartment – schools, malls, hospitals, public transport etc. This makes your decision making process much easier
  • Inquire – We have experts in service apartments ready to help you find any kind of accommodation. Just send us the following details – Intended length of stay, number of people, children if any, purpose of visit.....and we will get back with the list of best possible options for you!